Our Mission

          Every photographer that has ever been a part of Susan Beard Design, came into the industry as an artist. We all started our passion for photography, appreciating the art that is made with every click of the shutter. Each decisive moment is a collaboration of skill, talent, experience and a passion for the medium. Our love for art runs deep, and to be able to share new works from local prolific artists has become a new way to keep fine art alive.

          We hand select artists whose work shines through the universal language of art appreciation. From photography, mixed media, paintings, hand cut paper works and inventive new processes, we aim to inspire the creative and tantalize the curious. We believe art does not need to be a luxury for only a select few; therefore each artist that is hosted by our gallery, creates a body of work with all pieces for sale under $1000.

Now featuring

"Earthly Conversations"

Local artist, Rachel Issac, interprets traditional folk art
with a modern twist, through collections of precise
paper-cut renditions of contemporary folk themes.

Everyday subjects become whimsical, mysterious & hauntingly
fantastic. Rachel's works are truly unique and inimitable.

Opening Reception | June 15, 2017 from 6-8pm
Show runs through July 10