Meet some of our photographers


Susan Beard

Classic + Romantic

With a BFA in Photography from Moore College of Art in Philadelphia,
Susan has perfected her very soft and classic style of photography that has
stood the test of time since opening her studio in 1990.

Susan Beard - Classic and Romantic

Leah Macdonald - Edgy and Artistic


Leah Macdonald

Intuitive + Artistic

"My background is in art, art photography, art books and making art. I met Susan Beard in 1999 and she said every type of photography is an art! I believe her! I feel very lucky to be a photographer, to capture the laughter and love of every family, every moment, every day. My photography is a gift to my clients filled with light and artistry, making my images sensitive and unique."



Erika Letitia

Edgy + Modern

In 2008, Erika came to the studio fresh out of the Art Institute of Philadelphia.
Leah was her teacher and Susan became her mentor, as she found her creative
style and applied it to her event and portrait photography portfolio.

Erika Letitia - Modern and Creative


Kevin Martini-Fuller

Technical + Clean

Kevin's experience and skill goes back beyond anyone we have ever met.
His resume includes teaching Ansel Adam's workshops, traveling abroad for
galleries and lessons, and by far has the most technically sound knowledge of
every aspect of photography. His approach to any client's wishes is based in classic photography.