Dear Friends,

August was supposed to be quiet month, a time to reflect & catch up; relax a little before the busy days of fall arrive.

Quite the contrary...Instead, my team and I decided that we would re-brand the studio!

First, we opened a fine art gallery. Then we redesigned our logo and web site, made our waxworks program even greater by offering corporate team building and workshops.

Then we took a deep breath...

It has been an amazing 26 years and in that time the studio has become more than I ever could have dreamed.

I invite you to view some of the amazing things we've been working on.


Cheers for now,

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Get Creative

Photographic Encaustic Painting Workshops
September 19 & October 4, 6:30-8:30
Intimate Classes|  Create your own masterpiece

No Experience Needed
Email info@susanbearddesign.com or click here to learn more!

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Meet Otis

Transformed into a handsome Regal Beagle

Otis is a puppy, who loves to try to catch his tail…
but will likely never be able to do so.

He can always try.

Email hello@regalbeagle.net or click here to learn more!