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If you are a portrait client, please read this carefully. Your gallery does not have the ability to order directly from this website. You must place your order in person, or over the phone. Please do NOT submit orders via "Shared Favorites" as those will not be considered an official order. Sharing favorites is STRICTLY for selecting your favorite proofs which come as 4x6's stamped with our logo.

If you are having trouble logging in, please call the studio for instructions or follow the steps below.

• To view your gallery online please click on the link above.

• From there you will be asked to enter your gallery ID. Please give us a call if you do not know your ID. You can also request we email you a   direct link to your gallery in order to save this step.

• The password gallery name as is; typed all lower case characters and no spaces; (unless otherwise indicated or requested)

• If you need help with the password please call the studio at 215.483.1990 or email

• Once you are in your gallery you can “favorite” images and even place print orders with us that take 2-4 weeks to complete.

• If you package/contract with the studio includes any prints or credit, please give us a call before ordering.

Thank you and enjoy the photographs!

The Susan Beard Design Team