What is Regal Beagle?

Aside from the name of the pub in Three's Company, Regal Beagle is the best place out there to have your pet masterfully made into an iconic figure from a historical painting. Choose from any of our beautiful paintings we've hand selected; or if you have a figure or painting in mind, let us know and we will see what we can do! We also have a an extensive gallery of existing paintings we've already done that you can purchase! Pick from framed or stretched canvases, metal prints, and collector's pieces like plate and coasters!

How do I order custom?

We understand that custom commissioned pieces can seem like a hassle to order, so we have
simplified the process as best as possible.

Step One on our ORDER page is to Pick Your Painting. This will add that painting to your cart.

Step Two is an optional step. If you have multiple pets in the painting you chose, add this upgrade to your cart.

Step Three, choose your upgrade; from a Stretched Canvas, Framed Canvas or Metal Print. Do not choose more than one as each one is an individual upgrade for your painting. Add the product with the desired size to your cart.

         ** If you don't choose any upgrades, your order will default to a digital file.
             (Which is why adding just a painting to your cart is $135.)
         ** The digital file is, however, not included when you purchase an upgrade.

Step Four, complete the checkout process so we can retrieve all of your choices.

Final Step!  Send us an email with a nice selection of images of your pet so we have plenty of options to choose from. Each piece is custom done by one (expert) artist, so the proof can take an upwards of two weeks to receive. After you receive your proof and approve it, we send it to our professional lab for production then off to your house it ships!

Simple as that!

How long does this take?

While we know digital art may seem easily produced, this process actually has no automated pieces to it. Every piece is done individually and your photos are placed carefully into each painting; taking your pet's features and fur into consideration as to retain their attributes as best as possible. This time, coupled with our growing popularity, makes our time-frame 1-2 weeks for the proof and 1-2 weeks for production and shipping. If you are in need of a faster delivery date, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate that.

We do but keep in mind, it's not cheap! Our boxes are large to protect the pieces so shipping starts around $70. If you're up for it, great! If not, we recommend purchasing the digital file and getting it printed locally.

Do you ship to the UK?

Does any photo work?

There are definitely a couple important rules to follow for submitting your images. For example, we can't use any photos that are black and white or have Instagram, Hipstamatic or any other photo filter on them. They make it very hard to match to tonality of the painting. We also need photos that are crisp. A lot of phone cameras really diminish the quality and sharpness of a photo when you zoom far into the subject. They also makes things very hard for us. Blurry, low quality images will result in a less than believable final painting. Photograph your pet in a well lit room with even lighting on their face. If you prefer to use a photo from outside, please photograph them in open shade; i.e. do not photograph them in direct sunlight. The light and shadows are entirely too contrasty, thus leading to a lot of trouble placing them. Make sure you also keep in their ears... Especially if they are large. The last rule, try to photograph your pet at eye-level. We get a lot of photos from above which leaves out their neck, as well as any real dimension on their faces. See below for some perfect and some not-so perfect examples of images.

We always want to share all of our regal family with the world! Especially for Regal Beagle marketing, advertising and print purposes. If you would prefer to keep them private, please email hello@regalbeagle.net.

Does my painting stay private?

Once your order is placed, you understand that a commitment to the order is made. The painting you choose is part of that commitment. We cannot change the painting choice without a fee of $50. Additionally, we make the choice of which of your photos works best for the painting. If you send us a photo, we are assuming you like that photo enough to be a candidate for our process. If you prefer a different photo after we have already made a proof, you agree to the fee of $50.

What is your ordering policy?