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What is WaxWorksPhoto?

WaxWorksPhoto is the collaboration of Susan's brilliant business sense and experience with Leah's unparalleled artistic talent. Together they came up with Waxworks which has grown from a quaint wholesale shop for other photographers to a boutique retail shop and workshop space for all to enjoy! We offer commissioned works from your own photographs, group classes at our studio and private classes at a location of your choice. We are also available for corporate team building experiences! See our Corporate Creative page for more information.

How do I order?

Poured Wax on Wood

Brushed Wax on Paper

Brushed Wax on Wood

Brushed Photo Cube

Brushed Portfolio Box

 Luckily this process is simple! Visit our ORDER page and choose between any of our 5 amazing products. Once you place your order, you will receive an automated email asking for you to email your image(s) to We highly recommend you send us images that are cropped to the size you're ordering and at 300dpi. If you're not sure how to do that, let us know and we will do our best to help you out!

Check out our products below and the images to the left can be enlarged when clicked on.
You can also view more samples of these products on our GALLERY page. Any questions you
have, feel free to call us at 215.483.1990 or email!


Poured Wax on Wood - This product was the original creation that started WaxWorksPhoto. We take your photograph and adhere it to a cradled maple panel, then carefully pour an even layer of melted beeswax over the image. This creates a soft focus, dreamy appeal to the image. Next, the piece is enhanced with a mix of complimentary and contrasted paints. This process retains the least amount of photographic detail so we typically recommend a simplistic image for this process.

Brushed Wax on Paper - Our Wax on Paper is exactly that! We print your image on a museum quality Hahnemuhle rag paper, hand tear the edges and delicately brush organic beeswax to beautifully enhance the textures existing in the photograph. Next, we use paint to bring out the colors and contrast in the image and texture of the wax. The brushed techniques retain a lot of photographic detail and have a lot of texture from the wax. We ship your piece flat packed and protected but this product must be finished with a frame. We offer framing by request.

Brushed Wax on Wood - This process is a mix of both products listed above! We print your image and mount it to a cradled maple panel then brush a mixture of heavy and light textures over the image. Paint is then applied carefully to each piece of the photograph to bring out as much texture in the wax and detail in the image as possible. This has become our most popular product and has the most versatility when it comes to which images work for this process.

Brushed Wax Photo Cubes - Our 5-sided cubes are an amazing way to showcase a small sampling of beautiful images! We mount these square images to the cubes and felt the bottoms for surface protection. Next we brush a solid coat of wax over the cube and enhance each individual image with texture and paint to create 5 beautiful little works of art.

Brushed Portfolio Box - We start with a wooden box (9x12x3.25) and mount an image on the top and inside lid of the box. We then brush each photograph with organic beeswax and paint each using colors that compliment the images. Lastly, the interior of the box is lined with a beautiful raw silk fabric. For an additional fee, this box has the option of coming with 12 white or black mats. Your choice of 3.5x5, 4x6 or 5x7 cut windows for your photographic prints. (prints not included)

How long does this take?

While we know digital art is easily produced, our products are one-of-a-kind, unreplicable pieces of art. We take our time with each order so that nothing is rushed. Our normal turn around time, once we receive your image, is about 6-8 weeks. We always strive to work under that time-frame, but on the longer end of the spectrum it could take 8 weeks. But we promise the wait will be worth it! If you have a delivery date you prefer, let us know right away and we will do our absolute best to accommodate that. But we do have to work within the limits of drying times. Glue needs solidify, wax needs to cure, paint needs to dry. We don't want to send you a piece that won't stand the test of time.

We do but keep in mind, it's not cheap! Our boxes are large to protect the pieces so shipping starts around $70.
If you're up for it, great!

Do you ship to the UK?

Does any photo work?

We can work with almost any image but some work better for different processes. We believe that more simplistic images like portraits work very well with our poured process. More detailed images like flowers or landscapes work beautifully with each of our brushed techniques. If you have any questions about an image you're interested in submitting for encaustics, email and Leah can help you with your image choice(s).

All fine art as at most galleries is a final purchase of sale. However, if a piece is damaged during shipping and reported within 24 hours of delivery every effort humanly possible to repair or have the artist replicate and replace the piece will be made or to refund the purchase price through insurance. If there are any issues with the piece based on your order, we will investigate the issue. No guarantees will be made of a return or refund until the order has been thoroughly researched. If you are dissatisfied with the quality of the piece, we will also research the order and consider the options. Our customers are of the utmost importance to us and we want you to enjoy every purchase for a lifetime. However, since each piece is custom made, it is extremely important that you are thorough with reading through the notes on every piece and the outcome, which they produce.

What is your return policy?